“Prioritizing Student Safety Abroad”

“Prioritizing Student Safety Abroad”

by Daily Editorial Board via “Minnesota Daily”

“Studying abroad is one of the best experiences a student can have during college. With the ability to earn credit while living in another country and learning about different cultures, college students in the U.S. are more frequently choosing to study abroad. According to the Institute for International Education, three times as many students are studying abroad than two decades ago. That amounts to about 270,000 students annually. However, while many students come home unscathed, incidents do happen.  .  .  .”

Just remember: Never Go Anywhere Alone, Especially at Night. And if someone asks you, regardless if it’s a lie, tell them you are rooming with some other people who you are best friends with.  It suggests that people will come looking if something happens.  The worst thing to do is to let strangers know that it might take a while for people to notice you missing.

Also, avoid places where wars are going on unless you are studying warfare. It’s just simple logic.  You can always learn what you need to know someplace safer than a country under attack from within or without.

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