13 Things I Realized I Learned Studying Abroad in Italy!

Lol, I don’t think anyone really loses weight when traveling abroad–although I did lose a lot of weight in Korea from walking up and down the subway stairs. . . and the mountains. . . and hiking around temples and palaces. . . . but really the food kind of replaced that loss. 😛


Last month, I posted this link courtesy of http://www.buzzfeed.com/cvlee12/13-things-you-learn-studying-abroad-in-italy-fs6g and after a several experiences I had I thought of commenting on each of these things with my own anecdotes (in blue!) 

13. Italians really do only eat pizza and pasta.

13 Things You Learn Studying Abroad In Italy

Yet somehow everyone is still crazy skinny.

p.s. They only have what we consider to be personal pizzas and don’t even try to eat with your hands.

YES YES YES. Even the school cafeteria meals are made of pasta every day and pizza on most days! I can honestly eat pasta for every meal of my day without getting sick of it, and so this has not bothered me at all over the past two months. In fact, I have totally embraced it! Literally in pasta heaven. 

12. The grocery stores are never open.

13 Things You Learn Studying Abroad In Italy

Okay so it’s Sunday or sometime after 8pm and you want to get food. Well, every…

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