“New Efforts to Boost Minority Students Studying Abroad”

“New Efforts to Boost Minority Students Studying Abroad”

by Dana Sand via “USA Today”

“Kenya Casey studied abroad as an undergrad in 1997. As an African American, she noticed an under-representation of minority students on her trip.  Today, as associate director of the Center for International Programs Abroad (CIPA) at Emory University, she says the trend hasn’t changed.  The Institute of International Education’s Open Doors data shows that 78% of U.S. students who. . . . “

That wasn’t actually my experience. Actually more than half of the students on my study abroad trips were of non-Caucasian decent. In Korea, it was Korean-American students. In Japan, African-American/African International students. In China, students of Latino/Spanish/South American descent.  I’ll give you that probably half of the students in Japan and China were Caucasian, but I’m surprised at the numbers this Institute is quoting. Maybe that’s because a lot more Caucasian students go to Europe?  Still, it’s cool that scholarships are increasing!

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