Planning my year abroad

Great discussion on the application process (and requirements) for studying abroad at the Graduate level!

Traveling Folk

It’s time for another post on the Kate, i.e. me. I hope it manages to help you if you are, or ever will be, in a similar situation – preparing your semester/year abroad.

I am currently enrolled in the second semester of my Master studies. I am continuing my studies in Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies on the graduate level. My focus are British and American studies. My lifelong dream – living in Ireland. My efforts to combine both pushed me to apply for Erasmus and I will, if all goes well in the following months, spend 2 semesters at the National University of Ireland in Galway, starting September ’14.

Image   NUI campus

What I’ve done so far:

First I checked the places my university offers abroad. For my major there are 2 places in Dublin (Institute of Technology Tallaght), one at University of Warwick, Coventry &…

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