Studying Abroad Really Changes People

“Studying Abroad Really Changes People”

by Wyatt Bazrod via “Technique

Photo by Elliott Brockelbank

“When Delta flight 9 landed in Atlanta, it was a short taxi before we were parked at the international terminal and my study abroad for the summer in Oxford officially ended. The homesickness set in about two weeks before actually leaving.

As each day got closer to our immanate departure, I became more and more relieved to be going home. Finally when the day came, I was just ready to go. Our flight was delayed by maybe an hour, but other than that, it was just nine hours till I was back in the land of queso and air conditioning.

After the usual headache of Atlanta customs, I picked up my bag and ran to see my parents for the first time in months. My first meal back in America was the Quesarito from Taco Bell—a moment of pure bliss I will never forget.

My phone was back to unlimited data; I could check in with social media whenever I pleased.When we got home, my dogs ran outside of the house and were so excited to see me that they actually cried. There was legitimate food in the refrigerator (which I didn’t have to pay for with my own money!).

I lasted till 9pm before my body succumbed to the effects of jet lag, at which point I drowsily, yet happily, sauntered up to meet my familiar bed. My head hit the pillow and the next fourteen hours were a blur, but when I woke up, I felt different.

My parents had left for work, my dogs were napping at the front of my bed, the sun was shinning, and everything seemed, as it had been right before I embarked on my adventures. Except nothing was.

I went to get my cup of coffee and hurriedly checked Facebook. My new friends (shout out to Group 1 ,Group Fun) miraculously made it to midnight. I was tagged in a stream of pictures from the last few days of the trip. And all of a sudden, I was going through withdrawal.

I wasn’t with 150 other Tech students in Europe. I wasn’t seeing and hearing about everyone’s days and the plans for going to the pub for the night. I had stopped stressing over how outrageously expensive British products were. Worst of all, I actually missed my group. . . . .”


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