“17 Tips for Studying Abroad!”

“17 Tips for Studying Abroad!”

by Stacey Lindsay via “Seventeen

Be a Copycat

Dando, Wegscheider and Stephenson all recommend making copies of your passport — print out several to bring with you, and email a scanned copy to yourself. “That way, if you lose it, you can always go to an Internet café and print it out,” says Stephenson. This applies for other essential documentation as well: “I’ll scan my travel information and all itineraries and send to Google documents or a shared site,” says Wegscheider.

Purse Patrol

For carrying essentials, a smaller cross body bag is ideal, according to Wegscheider and Stephenson. Be sure to keep it close to your body, or on your lap if you are at a club or restaurant — never put in on the back of your chair or on the floor! “I have known so many people who have had their wallets stolen out of their bags when it was at their feet,” says Stephenson. 

Learn About Foreign Traffic Safety

Road accidents for passengers and pedestrians are a serious matter, both here and abroad. Perhaps even more so in a country where traffic comes from the other direction! Check out the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT) and Sara’s Wish Foundation for helpful info. . . . .


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