OU Student Uses Alternative Methods of Fundraising for Study Abroad Trip

OU Student Uses Alternative Methods of Fundraising for Study Abroad Trip

By Bailey Chambers via OUDaily 

Angela Gutierrez

With the expenses of international study and requirements for graduation tied to an over-seas trip, raising money for an international experience can be challenging for many college students. One student looking to travel to Germany has written off applying for loans and is trying a more organic approach.

In an ensemble of blue stripes, black jeans and black-rimmed glasses, Angela Gutierrez is the picture of effortless sophistication. With a smile on her face, the international studies senior began to talk about her dream of spending a semester abroad in Germany.

“I wanted to spend the entire semester there so I can become fluent and remember the language,” Gutierrez said.

With a blog, business cards and plenty of fliers, Gutierrez has set out to raise the funds to take her all the way to Germany through OU’s study abroad programs.

After learning Spanish from her Venezuelan parents, she tried learning Italian — a language known to be similar to Spanish in pronunciation. But Angela wanted to learn something entirely different. While watching a German soap opera, she fell in love with the language and made it her official minor.

Gutierrez then picked Germany for her mandatory travel. Of course, while still here and learning bits and pieces about Germany, Angela grew more and more excited at the opportunity to go in the spring.

“The university where I’ll be taking classes is the oldest one in Germany,” Gutierrez said.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, the university at which Angela would study, is over six hundred years old. The public research university located in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, was founded in 1386. With many of America’s buildings aging hundreds of years younger, the history in Germany seems quite exciting, Gutierrez said. . . . .


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