Boise State passports fund study abroad scholarships

“Boise State passports fund study abroad scholarships”

by DanielleReff via “The Arbiter

Last year, the International Learning Opportunities office put $22,000 toward study abroad scholarships to students through offering passports.

Study abroad scholarships come from a $25 passport processing fee. Boise State is legally required to charge the processing fee. Ninety percent of passport application fees goes directly to study abroad scholarships. The rest of the funds go to the facility: shipping costs, materials and equipment.

Many students on campus don’t know the International Learning Opportunities office is capable of providing anyone, including non-students, with passports. International Learning Opportunities started using the proceeds from being a passport acceptance facility to fund the scholarships.

These scholarships are given almost exclusively to students. Although funds do not go to faculty, there are cases where students are awarded scholarships and go on faculty-led programs that travel abroad.

With her scholarship, Mattie Stanford went to Aarhus University in Denmark.

“I was super excited to receive the scholarship because it meant the opportunity of study abroad was that much more in reach,” Stanford said. “I had found out I would need to travel to San Francisco to apply for a visa before attending Aarhus University.  Having the scholarship to put forth towards those expenses made it possible to travel abroad and experience one of the most exciting and challenging opportunities of my life.”


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