Interview with Featured Study Abroadist ~ Lauren Hall!

Lauren in Prague

Yeah! We have a new featured Student Abroad Interview!  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lauren Hall, author of the blog “I’m Coming For You, Prague

This lovely young woman has been blessed with the opportunity to give European culture a try, more specifically Prague in the Czech Republic.  You heard that right, the beautiful land of classic and varied architecture, delicious foods, beautiful art, centuries of history, and more.  What a chance!  

Although she’s busy being awesome and having amazing fun times, she was kind enough to agree to an interview about her study abroad experience — why she went, why this program, the country, and more.  Thanks Lauren!

Also, please don’t forget to check out her blog “I’M COMING FOR  YOU, PRAGUE” for more information about her trip abroad!  She’s a great story-teller!



Where are you in Your Education? (Sophomore, Junior, Etc.–Highschool/College)

Lauren: “I am going to be a senior in college. “

What have you decided to/are you interested in studying? 

Lauren: “I am majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minoring in Child Development and International Studies. I want to get my masters degree in Speech Pathology and become a Speech-Language Pathologist. I do not know if I want to work with children or older adults yet.”

Why did you decided to study abroad; what sort of things did you consider?

Lauren: “I always wanted to travel Europe and I knew that once I graduated college, got my masters and got a job, doing this would be very difficult. My school has a very good study abroad program and I knew that I would not let myself miss out on this. “

 What program did you participate in, where did you go, and how long did it last?

Lauren: “I am in a program called USAC- University Studies Abroad Consortium. I am currently studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. I will be in the program for a total of 5 weeks. “

How did you pick this program; what made it stand out above the rest?

Lauren: “My school works with three different programs. One was a direct exchange program where I switch places with someone from another country-live in the house, they live in mine, etc. and I was not interested in that. The other program was a program where you are fully immersed into the country you study in. This meant being in classes where they only speak the foreign language, not English and there is not really that much help. USAC was the program that gives you a lot of help and you are with other students in the same situation as you. 

 Is the program well planned; Are things running smoothly?

Lauren: “The program is pretty great. They have organized field trips and show you exactly how to do anything you need. 

How do you like the classes/educational/employment parts of this program? Have you learned a lot?

Lauren: “The classes I am taking are pretty interesting and the teachers are always willing to help. I am only in my second week of classes, but I feel like I have already learned a lot and am interested in the subjects.”

What is the country like? Does it meet your expectations?

Lauren: “Prague is amazing. There is so much to see and so much to do. There are a lot of famous sites here. I picked this location because it is in central Europe and getting anywhere else is so easy to do. Everything is so inexpensive. It definitely met my expectations. 

 What has been the best and worst part about your experience traveling abroad?

Lauren: “My best experience traveling abroad so far has been seeing all these things that I never that I would be able to see with some really great people. My worst experience was feeling homesick” 

 Would you make the same decision to study abroad with this program now, as you did before?

Lauren: “Yes, always!”


Once again, my thanks goes out to Ms. Hall for taking the time to answer my questions and for offering such a great review of her experience.  If you appreciated her input, please leave your thanks on her blog and let her know how she influenced you!  Thanks!

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