“The 10 Best Places in Europe to Visit Now”

For my friends who are studying in Europe this summer or interested in fall classes, you might check out schools in these locations! If they don’t have a university in the area, you could at least visit them on weekends or breaks 🙂  Don’t forget to use your study abroad experience as the perfect time to see as many awesome things as you can!

“The 10 Best Places in Europe to Visit Now”

by Bekah Wright via “Yahoo Travel

#SummerTravel: The 10 Best Places in Europe to Visit Now, via Lonely Planet

Greece took the top prize alongside such under-the-radar spots as Plzen, Ljubljana, and Stavanger in Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe top 10 rankings, announced today.

“We’re drilling down a little deeper and coming up with specific choices, particularly for the American market, that people might like to experiment with beyond the usual highlights of a European trip,” Noirin Hegarty, Lonely Planet’s Managing Destination Editor, told Yahoo Travel.

The ranking criteria include accommodations, cuisine, culture, historical experiences, sports, and activities. What really comes into play, though, says Hegarty, is “That je ne sais quoi element or experience that lifts it above the rest and makes it special.” Continue reading