“Study Abroad May be a Better Choice for Some Students More than Others”

“Study Abroad May be a Better Choice for Some Students More than Others”

by Daily Illini Editorial Board via “The Daily Illini”

“Although the learning and volunteering experiences students have while studying abroad may be unique, the act of studying abroad itself is fairly cliche.  An accurate understanding of studying abroad and its significance is difficult to come by because of the numerous misconceptions that surround it. It’s not uncommon to hear these phrases from students who studied abroad: “Studying abroad will help me get a job,” “studying abroad frequently costs less than a semester at the University,” or “I studied abroad to be well-rounded.” . . . “

 Personally, I learned a lot from traveling abroad. I grew in everything from maturity to confidence to a greater sense of preparedness in selecting my employment area.  

Was/Is it the right fit for you? Is there anything you’d change about your decision to/or not to study abroad–the choices you were looking at, the priorities you set, the things you gave up, etc.?