Getting Started with Study Abroad

“Getting Started with Study Abroad”

by Serena Doescher via “ULoop

Whether the allure of foreign land has always called to you, or you simply need a change of scenery, studying abroad in college can be a perfect remedy for growing wanderlust. After all, when else in your life will you be able to spend 5 months in another country? Unfortunately, the process can seem daunting, but with a little dedication and a lot of patience, even the most ill traveled student can study abroad. Here are some tips for getting started!

1.Why do you want to study abroad?

Have you always wanted to live amongst the French or sip tea with the English? Or do you simply want to go somewhere, anywhere? If you have a country in mind, the search is greatly narrowed; but, if you don’t have a dream location, it is time to start looking at a map. I recommend crossing out places you definitely don’t want to go to and then seeing what’s left.

2. Look through some programs

Most schools have a website dedicated to studying abroad. This usually provides info on programs the university provides, but if you don’t see one there, don’t fret. Often times you can choose a program not on your school’s site. Check out GoAbroad to search more programs.

3. Head to Your Advisor

Once you have a couple programs in mind, make an appointment with a study abroad advisor. They can help you figure out which programs will work best. They can offer all kinds of advice, from cost to travel arrangements.