“MU 2020 strategic plans focus on study abroad”

“MU 2020 strategic plans focus on study abroad”

by Lakshna Mehta via “The Maneater

“MU hopes to see more students studying abroad in years to come.

According to MU, 23 percent of current undergraduates have participated in a study abroad program.

But MU wants to see the number rise to 30 percent participation by 2018. The national average of students studying abroad is 2 percent.

“Given our current participation rate, MU’s goal … is ambitious but attainable with the full support of the university,” Director of Study Abroad Barbara Lindeman said.

Lindeman also said a plan to reach this goal is still in the beginning stages of formulation.

Senior Joshua Foley said he was excited to hear the study abroad program is getting an upgrade.

“The first time I studied abroad was to Japan,” he said. “I am now looking for programs in Russia, but the university doesn’t have its own Russian program that I know of. So I’m hoping they develop one of their own because I know that that would be really popular.”

Gay Albright, director of International Programs for the College of Business, said the college will be adding more short-term study abroad programs because those are the most popular types of programs for business majors.

“We are working to develop a winter intersession program in South America for 2014-15 and a 2015-16 winter intersession program in Asia,” she said. “We expect to offer more full-semester and even full-year programs in the future.”

Albright said it was important to help students realize the importance of broadening their global mindset. . . . .