More U.S. Students Are Studying Abroad, But Is It Enough?

“More U.S. Students Are Studying Abroad, But Is It Enough?”

by Sergei Klebnikov via “Forbes

We live in an era of viral globalization. And there’s so much talk about the necessity of a global perspective for success in just about every industry – healthcare, technology, manufacturing and entertainment, to name a few – that it is surprising the overall numbers of U.S. college students who study abroad is still relatively small. There are some pockets of strong growth, however, among students focusing on STEM degrees, many Asian destinations, and non-credit education programs.

According to the most recent Institute of International Education’s Open Doors report, nearly 290,000 American students received credit for studying abroad in 2013, a record high, and an increase of 2.1% over the previous year. The number of U.S. students studying abroad has more than doubled in the last 15 years. Despite these increases, fewer than 10% of all U.S. college students study abroad during their undergrad years.

Study Abroad Destinations

Not surprisingly, Europe is the destination for over half (53%) of the U.S. study abroad population. The three leading destinations – U.K. (13%), Italy (10%), and Spain (9%) – account for almost a third of students. They are followed by France and China, at 6% and 5% respectively.

While the UK had the largest increase in the number of U.S. study abroad students, there was also double digit growth in the number of Americans studying in South Africa, Denmark, South Korea, Peru and Thailand. There was strong growth in Costa Rica and Ireland, as well as a continued rebound in Japan. Asia and Latin America are fast becoming the new hotspots for U.S. higher education overseas, however. . . .


“Ohio State Sees 31% In Students Studying Abroad”

“Ohio State Sees 31% In Students Studying Abroad”

by Rubina Kapil via “The Lantern

Ohio State students are studying abroad more than many other schools, according to a recent survey.

OSU ranked No. 7 nationally for the total number of students studying abroad, according to the 2014 Open Doors Report, an annual survey published by the Institute of International Education.

The Institute of International Education is a New York City-based nonprofit specializing in international student exchange and foreign affairs, according to its website.

OSU had 2,255 students participate in a study abroad program in 2012-13, said William Brustein, vice provost for global strategies and international affairs.

“We went from being No. 25 in the nation in total number of students studying abroad to No. 7 in just one year,” he said. “No other school in the country can match that kind of success.”

The 31 percent increase in study abroad participation can be linked to short-term opportunities made available during the May session, Brustein said.

Joel Meyer, a fourth-year in business operations management and logistics management, participated in a study abroad program to London during the 2013 May session.

“There are a lot of things that really define a person’s perspective, and I believe without immersing yourself in new and exciting cultures, you’re missing out on a profound piece of human experience,” Meyer said.

Meyer is from Russia, Ohio — a town with a population of less than 700 people. He said studying abroad introduced him to both similarities and differences in other cultures that have helped him make friends at OSU and abroad, widen his perspective and gain future career opportunities.

“I have a job lined up for after my graduation and although I can’t confirm it, I’m convinced my international experience is what set me apart and made that job possibility a reality,” he said.

Students can meet with advisers in the Office of International Affairs to plan a study abroad program specific to their needs.

Shelley Diewald, a fifth-year student in mechanical engineering, participated in a six-week study abroad program in Dublin organized by OSU and Arcadia University.

“Arcadia and Ohio State made us feel very comfortable and taken care of,” Diewald said. “They make sure everyone is safe, financially supported and comfortable before, during and after the program.”

Diewald said her study abroad experience taught her independence above all else, from emarking on a solo flight across the ocean to joining a gym in Dublin. . . .


Colleges pledge to increase number of students who study abroad: Higher Education Roundup

“Colleges pledge to increase number of students who study abroad:

Higher Education Roundup”

by Karen Farkas via “”

CLEVELAND, Ohio – More than 150 U.S. colleges, including eight in Ohio, have pledged to increase their participation in study abroad programs as part of Generation Study Abroad, a new initiative led by Institute of International Education.

The institute plans to double the number of American college students studying abroad to about 600,000 by the end of the decade. According to its data only about 10 percent of undergraduates study abroad while in college. Continue reading